About Us

Welcome to the Jersey Hedge Veg map, our aim is to provide a platform where all islanders can benefit from the local produce available, firstly by finding it!

Purchasing Strawberries from a Roadside Stall


Our main goals are:

  1. To help create a more sustainable environment by connecting more people to the local produce near them, reducing food milage.
  2. To support local farmers, by literally ‘putting them on the map’.
  3. To encourage more diversity in Jerseys produce, which is much needed for our bodies, the soil and the wider ecosystem.
  4. To help make it much easier for people to find and buy from local stalls, they are often in the most beautiful and hidden places!


Map features 
Standard Roadside Stall Map Pin   Location of stall
Organic Roadside Stall Map Pin    Location of stall with organic produce
Farm Shop Map Pin   Location of a farm shop
Farm Shop with Three Produce Types Map Pin    A farm shop selling three types of produce
Cluster of Farm Shop/Roadside Stalls Map Pin    Four stalls, too close to show, zoom in for details


Types of produce   

  Jersey Royals